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Dear Chess Enthusiast


Executive Director Tom Beckman and TDs Anand Dommalapati and Andy Rea welcome you to the


2015 Eastern Open Chess Tournament Web Site


We want to personally THANK YOU for your patronage in the past, and hope you will join us again for another great time and an exciting tournament this year.  Please make your plans today to play in one of the 7 sections of the 42nd annual Eastern Open.


Final Standings and Crosstables!!! 

Congratulations to GM Sergey Erenburg - 2015 Eastern Open Champion !


Over $14,000 in Prizes!!  Over 50 prizes awarded!! 

Class prizes for each 150-point interval within each section!!

A Heritage Event! GPP 100 (enhanced)!  US Chess Junior Grand Prix!

December 26-29, 27-29, 26, or 27, 2015


CONVENIENT LOCATION: Doubletree Hotel, Bethesda MD (2 mi. S from I-495 at 8120 Wisc. Ave; 4 blocks N of Metro).  Only blocks from several NYC express buses.


7 Rd. Swiss in 5 Sections: Open section prizes guaranteed.  Cash prizes in other sections based on 40 paid entries.

Open:                           $2,000-1,000-500           U2300: $500      FIDE rated       

Under 2200:                  $1,000-500-250              U2050: $400                                            

Under 1900:                  $1,000-500-250              U1750: $400     

Under 1600:                  $1,000-500-250              U1450: $400     

Under 1300:                  $750-400-200 & Upsets  U1150: $300      Max U/R = $150


2 **New** Swiss Sections:

Under 1000: (Sat. 12/26 in 5 rds)            $400-200-100 & Upsets              U800:   $100     Max U/R = $100

Scholastic Tourney (Sun. 12/27 in 4 rds) in 3 sections: K-12 Open, K-8 U1000, K-5 U700.

Trophies, book prizes, and memberships


Special Prizes:

Best Fighting Spirit and Best Played Game: $200-100 from any round.  Selected game must be annotated by winner. 

Brilliancy: $100-50 from any round.  Submit position, game score, and annotate several moves leading up to the brilliancy. 

Best Opening Innovation: $100-50 from any round.  Authors must demonstrate the value of their opening innovation vs. current best practice.  Winners will have games, brilliancies, and opening innovations submitted to Chess Life for publication.

Upset in U1300 Section: For rounds 1-6, $25 book credit prizes.  Max 2 prizes per player.

Upset in U1000 Section: For rounds 1-4, $25 book credit prizes.  Max 2 prizes per player.            


Additional events:

Blitz Championship **New Time**: 5-rd double Swiss, G/7, d/5.  Saturday 12/26: 1-4:30 pm.  75% of entries returned. 

Chess Lecture: Saturday 12/26: 4-5:30 pm:

KEY TRUTHS: The Most Important Elements in Chess by FIDE Master Allan Savage


Please email me at tombeckman@rcn.com if you have any questions or concerns.


Warmest regards, Tom Beckman                        Eastern Open Executive Director